Introducing Libby!

For a long time, OverDrive has been the go-to for Wisconsin library patrons who want to check out eBooks and eAudioBooks. Now, OverDrive has released a new app to make it faster and easier than ever to check out electronic materials: Libby!

The Libby app is available for Apple and Android devices as well as devices and computers running Windows 10 – you can find more information about it by following this link.

To visit Overdrive on the desktop, visit this link

Plus, Libby is integrated with the existing OverDrive system – if you currently use OverDrive and have a compatible device, you can switch over to Libby at any time! And if you use a device that is not yet supported, you can continue to use OverDrive as you have been – more information on the OverDrive app can be found below.

Public Domain Digital Audiobooks

Project Gutenberg is famous for making eBooks in the public domain available online. However, if you prefer to listen to your books, you might be interested in LibriVox. LibriVox relies on volunteers to read and record public domain works (most from Project Gutenberg) and then makes these recordings available for anyone to download; that means new titles are being released all the time!

Digital Audiobooks