Use the Archive of Wisconsin Newspapers to perform searches of The Random Lake Times, the Random Lake Times Pennysaver, and The Sounder.

You must have a library card to access the archive or be on a device within the library.

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To begin, click on the Archive of Wisconsin Newspapers above. If you want to search local newspapers from 2005 up to 90 days ago, click “uncheck all” above the “SEARCH” button on the bottom right of the screen. Then, scroll through the newspapers until you find the Random Lake Times Pennysaver and The Sounder.

Type in the terms you want to search under search terms. If you are looking for a particular name such as John Smith, put the full name in quotation marks (for example “John Smith.”) If you are looking for all mentions of the Smith family, you would just type in Smith. If you are looking for mentions of the Smiths and you wouldn’t mind seeing articles about anybody named John as well, just type in John Smith with no quotation marks).

Use the tools to narrow down your search by year. If your search is too broad, it will let you know.

If you want to search papers between 1918 to present, click the red button on the top right that says “search historical newspapers” and you can search all of the local newspapers ever created.

Keep in mind that this search can be finnicky and you do need quite a few details. Do not be afraid to play around with your search. For instance, if you are looking for everything about the library, remember that we were not always called Lakeview Community Library. Perhaps just use the term “Library” or try “Library” AND “Random Lake.”

If you have any questions, please contact the Librarian.

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