There are several ways to contribute monetary gifts to the library. Not only can you contribute to the Endowment Fund, but you may also give money directly to the library or to the Friends of the Library. These gifts may be in your name, in honor or memorial of someone else, or anonymously. When making your gift, please specify your preferences. Gifts of over $100 secure a place on our Donation Wall.

Gifts to the Library: When making a gift to Lakeview Community Library, your funds may go to something that you specify, including certain material purchases, which would contain a donation bookplate with your name. Monies may go towards other purchases such as furniture, decor, restoration projects, and more. Please make checks payable to Lakeview Community Library.

Gifts to the Friends of Lakeview Community Library: When making a gift to the Friends, your funds may go towards events, large purchases to benefit the library, staff appreciation, and more. Please make checks payable to the Friends of Lakeview Community Library.

And while financial gifts to the library are always welcome, of course, donations don’t have to be monetary. Many people donate books or other materials for our patrons. We’re always happy to receive donations like this! Just drop by the library; we can give you a receipt for tax purposes.

If you want to donate something to honor someone or in memory of someone, we also have special bookplates that can be pasted into the front of a book to contain that information.

And even if it turns out your donation doesn’t end up on the shelf – it’s something we already have or it’s in poor condition – it can be made part of our ongoing book sale!

Finally, since they say time is money, don’t overlook volunteering as a way to donate to the library!